The RollerSIzeR® 

​weighs less then a pound and fits in a purse or gym bag. Take it with you everywhere you gol​

•To the gym
•To the office

 •On a trip

•To a Strollercize® class

•In a Plane, Train, Car

•Take It To bed​​

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Get Fit at Home, at your Office with these 15 Minute Workouts. We offer online classes at various times during the day and week. We also offer one to one training with a RollerSizeR Certified Instructor.  Make time to make fitness FIT into your life with your RollerSizeR. 

Eight Sessions. Twice a week! 

(Expires 30 days from purchase). 

​Free Monthy Subscription

Give a Try! One online personal training session and learn how to make the best use of your RollerSizeR. 

Frustrated and trying to lose weight? Trying to catch the fitness bug? Need to get back on track with a new fitness routine? This program is one to one, diet, motiviation, workouts, goal setting and tough fit love! 

Twelve Sessions. Three Times  a week! If you are trying to lose weight, this is the package. 

(Expires 30 days from purchase). 


Get Fit F.A.S.T.E.R. System

Join The Online Club

We offer 20 classes a month. Look at the schedule and see which times work for you. If you can get in at least two workouts a week you are getting a great value for your subscription! These workouts are like having a 45 minute class. You will see results in a month! 

Some colors are being discontinued to make room for those that popular in the RollerSizeR Rainbow  Collection. Please note if you use your RollerSizeR Daily, you will need a New One in about Three Months. You can refurb your RollerSizeR by purchasing the Refurb Program $15.00. Send us your VERY USED RollerSizeR and we will send you a NEW ONE! 

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Purchase Comes With:

• The RollerSizeR Fit Tool

• Membership To The Club

• Monthly "Daily" Workouts

• The 12  Fit Program Card




Four Sessions. Once a week! Get on a schedule.

(Expires 30 days from purchase). 

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