100's Of Exercises! 
10 Posture Point Placements. ​​​​
One Amazing Fitness Tool .​

The RollerSizeR® 

does not descriminate!  
- All  Sizes!
- All levels of  Fitness!
- Al sorts of  Colors!

Online Personal Training

It is the New Way To Get Fit! Use your phone and pull your trainer out of your pocket! 

One To One Online Personal Training  is Fun, Affordable and Effective.

Fill out The  Get 'Fit' Form.  before signing up!

​​The RollerSizeR® uses the F.A.S.T.E.R. SYSTEM to get  our Members Fit Faster. 

F.   Fat Loss
A.   Abs & Alignment
S.   Stretch & Stress
T.   Tone & Tighten
E.   Eating Everything! 
R.   Range of Motion

The RollerSIzeR® weighs less then a pound and fits in a purse or gym bag. Take it with you everywhere you gol

•To the gym
•To the office

 •On a trip

•To a Strollercize® class

•In a Plane, Train, Car

•Take It To bed

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The RollerSizeR®)​​

The more Sessions you buy the more you save and results are seen F.A.S.T.E.R. with it's System. 

Online Personal Training


The Daily 'Fits' Workout

Each Month Lizzie creates a "Daily Fit" Workout routine that is done Daily throughout the month! Rest on Sunday! 

The  Get 'Fit' Form. 




Keep Your Trainer in Your Pocket


Initiation Comes with:

One RollerSizeR®

Online Personal Training (O.P.T.) &

One Daily 'Fits' Workout


On a Couch and a Crunch! 

​​​​The RollerSizeR Fit Club is The RollerSizeR's online training "Gym".  ​The RollerSieR Fit Club, provides daily workout programs, online personal training and fitness support for all of our Members. Joining the club cost $55.00 and comes with one Complimentary One To One Session. 

Everyone wants to have a Personal Trainer! You join a gym and one of the perks is a trial session with a Personal Trainer. But, first you have to join the gym (Sometimes with a contract). Second, the personal training sessions are usually with a "Green" trainer, (new to the fitness world) which is fine, but you want a "seasoned" trainer! The RollerSizeR Fit Club goes where you go with your smart phone or computer.  Save time and money and get fit F.A.S.T.E.R. anywhere in the world. 

RollerSizeR Online Personal Training sessions are short, very targeted, and deliver F.A.S.T.E.R. results. What is really great,  you can train anywhere: home, gym, park, motel room, plane, train and even in Spain! Great for busy people. Great for New Moms! (Strollercize) and for those that hate to go to the gym. This is like having a Personal Trainer in your pocket! Not a robotic APP, but a real Personal Trainer that gets to know you and  your Fitness needs. ​


"The RollerSizeR® helped relieve my lower back pain. I use it everyday!"

 Tanya​, Seattle WA

"Now I Can do Crunches without Straining my neck".  Love my RollerSizeR"

Judy​, Seattle WA

"I get bored in Yoga Classes but The RollerSizeR has made it more fun"

Samantha, NYC 

"I have lost 20 pounds in The RollerSizeR Fit Club. Online Personal Training works for my busy work day.

Heyward, W.  Seattle, WA

"I use my RollerSizeR on all of my Walks. Working out is much more fun"

Loretta, L. Naples, Fl

The RollerSizeR®  is one Fitness Device that replaces most pieces of exercise equipment . One can go from one exercise to the next without down time.