This 'AB'-MAZING Portable Posture Toning Fitness Tool makes getting fit easier. It is designed for all ages, sizes and levels of fitness.  A RollerSizeR® Move a Day, Keeps The Back Doctor Away. ​

Whether you purchase your RollerSizeR on Amazon or with one of our ABassadors you will receive all RollerSizeR Club Benefits. ​​



Purchase Comes With:
• The RollerSizeR Fit Tool
• One Month Free Subscription
• Monthly "Daily" Regime
• 12  'Fits' Program Card



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'Daily' Regime

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​Uploaded February 6th 2019

Get Fit F.A.S.T.E.R

One Tool

100's Of Exercises

Ten Posture Placements



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'AB'Bassador  PROGRAM

Trainers      Physical Therapists    Chiropractors    Share the Good News

Learn how to use The RollerSIzeR® Ab Toner  for yourself, with your clients,  in a group class or sell them to your friends and have Fitness Get Togethers!  The RollerSizeR 'Ab'Bassador program is NEW.  The first day it launched was December 31st 2018. It was created by two young trainers from LA Fitness, here in SW Florida. These two guys LOVED the RollerSizeR!  With their inspiration, we created a way for trainers to lean how to use The RollerSizeR and get the rewards of a continued education and support. The return is their clients will  get a better  workout that is more fun and effective.

It takes just one SEED to Grow and Tree. We hope to branch out and create a unified team of 'Ab'Bassadors that can spread the GOOD NEWS. Fitness can now be made easier with the help of this Team of  fAB-ulous Instructors.

The Initial Course comes with a 50 page Downloadable Manual, One Hour Life Training using the Zoom App and Two RollerSizeRs.   See the Schedule for when the Webinar Courses are offered. Usually Twice a Month. 

Once an Instructor completes the Initial Training they can sell RollerSizeRs from their AB-Bassador Profile. We ship the RollerSizeR to their client and our Ab-Bassador Earns in our Reward Program. 

Plus shipping and Handling.