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• The RollerSizeR Fit Tool

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The RollerSizeR® 

​Works on pressure points. It can relieve  tight neck muscles and lower back pain in minutes. Put the RollerSizeR under your waistline. Breathe and let The RollerSizeR do "Its" thing.

After you feel the tight muscles release, move your knees to the right and left. We call it "Whittleling." 

"A RollerSizeR a Day keeps the Back Doctor Away!"



Doing A Crunch! 

"The RollerSizeR® relieved my lower back pain. I use it everyday! "

Tany, Seattle WA

"Now I can do Ab Exercises without straining my neck. I love this Thing!"

Judy, Seattle WA

"I get bored in Yoga Classes but The RollerSizeR has made it more fun"

Samantha, NYC

"I have lost more than 20 pounds in The RollerSizeR Fit Club. I do Online Personal Training three times a week."
Heyward, Seattle, WA

"I use my RollerSizeR on all of my Walks. It has help me burn more calories because I use my arms."

Loretta, Naples, FL


One Tool

10 Postures Placements

100's Of Exercises


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