The RollerSIzeR® 

​weighs less then a pound and fits in a purse or gym bag. Take it with you everywhere you gol​

•To the gym
•To the office

 •On a trip

•To a Strollercize® class

•In a Plane, Train, Car

•Take It To bed​​

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Personal Trainer, Author, of Strollercize® The Workout For New Mothers and a  Mom of Three, Elizabeth Trindade (Lizzie) explains her excitement about The RollerSizeR and it's CLUB. Elizabeth Trindade has been a fitness instructor to folks like Dr. Henry Kissinger, Anthony Quinn and many celebs in her life in NYC. She opened Aline Fitness in 1988 and has been an alignment trainer since!

Her training focus is posture and alignment FIRST, then the exercise. The RollerSizeR was accidentally invented after she dislocated her right hip, teaching a Strollercize class! Hey even retired Ballet Dancers can still get injured. This incident is the reason The RollerSizeR was invIted could not have happened to a better person.

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In the RollerSizeR Fit Club you will learn how to use your RollerSizeR is so many exercises. When you purchase a RollerSizeR, you are automatically in the Club.  

Purchase Comes With:

• The RollerSizeR Fit Tool

• Membership To The Club

• Monthly "Daily" Workouts

• The 12  Fit Program Card

"The RollerSizeR® relieved my lower back pain. I use it everyday! "

Tany, Seattle WA

"Now I can do Ab Exercises without straining my neck. I love this Thing!"

Judy, Seattle WA

"I get bored in Yoga Classes but The RollerSizeR has made it more fun"

Samantha, NYC

"I have lost more than 20 pounds in The RollerSizeR Fit Club. I do Online Personal Training three times a week."
Heyward, Seattle, WA

"I use my RollerSizeR on all of my Walks. It has help me burn more calories because I use my arms."

Loretta, Naples, FL